The Ballet Studio SUMMER 2019  
Weekdays June 24-28    
9:30-1:30  ages 4-7
  Dance, Art and Music are the recipe for fun in this one-
week, half-day summer camp that engages children
ages 4-7 in a
practice and play approach to learning ballet.

   Daily activities include: ballet class, ballet-themed art and
crafting projects, song and dance games, reading and
storytelling, plus creating costumes, accessories, party
favors and sweet treats for the culminating dance camp
party event! And for more fun, this summer dance camp
includes an introduction to tap dance – tap shoes
“This dance camp is creative movement and
fun physical fitness that engages children
in sharing art projects, music,
and the joy of motion with others!”
Get ready for
Summer FUN!
Registration & Tuition:

All students --whether choosing the full workshop or 3 day
option must
pre register online.
 Deposits are due on or before 6/1/19 unless other
arrangements have been made. Balance due on first day
of workshop.

Full 5 day workshop 6/24-6/28, 9:30-1:30pm
Tuition $240   **deposit required  $100.00

3 day workshop  (any 3 consecutive days)
Tuition $160.00  **deposit required  $90.00 (Tuition
includes costume and craft fees, culinary supplies)