The Ballet Studio
provides dance education through a
progressive curriculum of
ballet, jazz, tap, modern, musical
theatre and hip hop classes for school age children
, plus
creative movement and pre ballet for tiny dancers age 3-5.  

Drop in classes for Adults in ballet, jazz and tap include our
Beginner and Adv. Beginner series for the dancer who desires a
reintroduction to dance, dancers just starting out or for those
seeking dance as fun physical fitness (without the gym).

Located in the heart of Delray, Alexandria, classes at The Ballet
Studio deliver sound technique and promote self-expression
through dance. Our teachers and staff are dedicated to providing a
studio environment that encourages dancers to achieve their goals
and feel proud of their accomplishments!

The 2019 Summer Class Schedule and Dance Arts Summer
Camp  registration information are here on the website. You may
pre register online.

Beginner through Advanced level Ballet, Pre Pointe and Pointe
classes continue this semester for students who desire a dedicated
program of study that blends easily with busy schedules and allows
dancers to meet and exceed their ballet goals at their own pace.

Afternoon and evening classes at the Ballet Studio provide a
diverse dance curriculum that includes Broadway Jazz, Modern
Jazz/Horton, Hip Hop, Tap and Musical Theatre Jazz for dancers of
all levels.   

Without a doubt, the Ballet Studio is passionate about dance and
committed to upholding the fun and therapeutic benefits of dance
that support each student's physical, social and cognitive well-being!

The Ballet Studio
Dance classes for Children & Adults
2107 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria Virginia 22301
 Phone:  703-403-6810
Join us for dance and experience joy set in motion!    
The Ballet Studio
Expect to meet and exceed your dance goals,
feel proud of your accomplishments --and--
take your dance  training to an all new level
at The Ballet Studio!!
online pre registration required for all classes.